Very promissing and cool 5-gaited mare for sale !🤩💥⭐️

Þjórsá frá Skör IS2015201486 is very promising 5 years old 5-gaited mare with alot to offer. She is very well trained, positive and very fun to ride.
She is still young and with more training she will be super good. She has very high and nice movements in all her gaits and she has endless speed in her trot. She has really good breedingline, her father Hrannar frá Flugumýri 8,85 total in FIZO and winner of A-flokkur in Landsmót 2016 has been proving himself as a breeding stallion as well with great results and now he got 1.prize for offsprings. 🦄🦄🦄
Here is video of super good Þjórsá
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  • All 5-gaits good

  • High movements

  • super fun spirit
  • good pedigree

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