Harpa frá Hólabaki

Here is great oppertunity to get 1. prize mare pregant with amazing stallion Atli frá Efri-Fitjum.

Harpa IS2015256275 is 1. prize mare with 8,07 total in FIZO, she has super good caracther and always willing to please her rider. She has top breeding line and Harpa father is landsmót winner Ölnir frá Akranesi 8,82 and her mother is Heiðdís frá Hólabaki with 8,20 total in FIZO (9,0 for tolt,canter, spirit and general impression) she has been giving super good offsprings. Harpa is sister of Hamur frá Hólabaki that was World Champion in his group in Berlin 2019 than 5 years old. So this breeding line is super interesting

Harpa is pregnant with Atli frá Efri-Fitjum has super good FIZO judgement 8,58 –  9,0 for tolt and spirit. Atli is son of Viti frá Kagaðarhóli. Atli scored 7,33 in F1 his first competition. we have high hopes for this foal to become future star.

Here below on the pace is video of Harpa in her Fizo

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