Ræða frá Akureyri

Ræða is black colour, handsome 8 years old mare, she is super good riding horse and is suitable for almost all riders that have ridden horses sometimes. She is save and easy to ride and handle in all ways. Ræða is 5-gaited but the pace has never trained, Ræða is super nice and good riding horse, that can also be trained for smaller competitions, her tolt is very good and clear beated.  Her father is the super talented world champion in 4-gait young rider in 2017 Pistill frá Litlu-Brekku. He has been giving very good offsprings with great mind and spirit and Ræða is one of the most wonderful caracther you can find.

here is video link on the video of Ræða https://youtu.be/A1gud-HBv4Y

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