Birta frá Mið-Fossum

IS2005235537 – Birta frá Mið-Fossum

Birta was highest judget 5 year old mare in the year 2010. Her tolt is extremely good and soft. She has 8,40 total in FIZO 8,39 for conformation and 8,41 for rideability

Birta has 6 offsprings and they are all very beautiful with a lot of talent and high movements. Her 1. offspring Fákur frá Mið-Fossum is doing great job on the competition track with his rider and owner Anna Lene Van Engelen in the Netherlands. Than Birta has high judget mare Fluga frá Mið-Fossum with 8,41 total in FIZO so Birta is showing us that she is really a good breeding mare.

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