Storð frá Stuðlum

Storð frá Suðlum IS2006287105

Storð received honorary prize for offsprings 2020. She is one of the youngest mares that has received these prize only 14. years old. Storð is breed by Páll Stefánsson and Edda Björk Ólafsdóttir in Stuðlar. We (Viðars father Ingólfur Jónsson) bought her in 2010 with our friend Karl Áki Sigurðsson (Skör Hrossarækt) in the year 2010. Storð is after the amazing breeding mare Þerna frá Arnarhóli and her father is Víðir frá Prestbakka.

Storð has 1. prize 8,12 total in FIZO she has 7,79 for conformation and 8,34 for rideablility. You don’t so often see such amazing breeding line like Storð has. Her parents and her grandparents are almost all in Honuraryprized for their offspring. Storð has given very good offsprings like: Sýn frá Kvíarhóli (8,27 total) Stólpi frá Skör (8,19 total) Sögn frá Kvíarhóli (8,05 total) Skúmur frá Skör (8,13 total) Eldur frá Kvíarhóli (8,18 total) We are very proud of Storð and all her very tall, handsome and talented offsprings.

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