Great results at landsmót in Reykjavík

Now landsmót in Reykjavík is over. It was cold weather but great horses and people so everybody was happy. Viðar did a great job expecially in T1, B-Flokkur and A-Flokkur. He was in 3rd place in T1 with our amazing Pixi Frá Mið-Fossum and now she is trying to get pregnant with the amazing Kveikur frá Stangarlæk. Vidar did win B-finals on Þrumufleygur frá Álfhólar and they ended in 5th place. And then he had Óskahringur frá Miðási in A-flokkur and ended in 9th place he was second in the B-finals. We are very happy with these results but most happy with our 9 year old son Ragnar Snær who was winning B-finals and ended in 3rd place with total score of 8,81 with the amazing horse Kamban frá Húsavík that is now 16 years old. This is Ragnars first competition year so we could not be more proud of him, he is very promising rider and have a bright future ahead of him in this sport.