Landsmót 2018 coming up

This years Landsmót is coming up after few days and we are very exited to go to Landsmot in Reykjavík. The area is getting amazing and Fákur in Reykjavik has done a great job to make Landsmót look amazing. Viðar will have 18 horses to ride in Landsmot, both in the competition category and in the breedingshow. Our son Ragnar Snær is now getting 10 years old and is competing on his first landsmot and he is counting the days. He is competing on the great stallion Kamban Frá Húsavík that has 3 times won landsmot with his owner Glódis Rún Sigurðardottir, but she was so good to loan us her horse for children class. We will have a lot of good horses for sale in landsmot and look forward to see you in Landsmot in Reykjavik